51st District Court

Have you or a loved one received a Waterford Michigan drunk driving owi charge?  Are you facing a misdemeanor case arising out of a Waterford crime?  As Waterford criminal lawyers who have handled many criminal cases in Waterford, we have extensive experience in dealing with the 51st District Court in Waterford MI. 

The 51st District Court, located in Waterford, is in charge of handling all Waterford misdemeanor cases, including drinking and driving charges, owi, dui, driving without a license, domestic assault, possession of marijuana, and many others.  The 51st District Court is presided over by Judge Richard Kuhn and Judge Jodine Debbrecht Switalski. 

Although there are many who say that the judges of the Waterford District Court can be tough, in the many cases we’ve handled there, the Waterford Judges have always been fair, whether we are having a jury trial, or arguing a motion.  The Waterford MI Judges are keen on using their sobriety court in most cases which involve alcohol.  Waterford sobriety court is a useful tool that the court uses with defendants convicted of alcohol crimes as an alternative to jail.

That all being said, as Waterford criminal lawyers, we know the best way to deal with a Waterford criminal charge is to fight the case.  The judges will hear and make fair rulings on the motions

At Amberg & Amberg, we are experienced Waterford criminal lawyers.  As criminal misdemeanor attorneys who've won jury trials in Waterford, we know what it takes to win your 51th District Court misdemeanor criminal case.  With innovative motions and defenses, the courage to stand up to tough prosecutors, and the belief in your innocence, we will fight with you to the end.  If you or a family member needs our help, call or email us today.