46th District Court

Have you been charged with a Southfield Michigan drunk driving dui charge?  If so, your case will take place in the 46th District Court.  Located in Southfield Michigan, the 46th District Court governs all misdemeanor criminal cases that take place in the City of Southfield Michigan.  Additionally, the 46th District Court handles cases from Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin, and Southfield Township.  Needless to say, as Southfield criminal attorneys, the Southfield District Court handles many misdemeanor criminal cases in Oakland County.

Being practicing Southfield 46th District Court criminal lawyers, we understand that your owi, possession of marijuana, and domestic violence case needs to be fought.  The judges of the 46th District Court welcome our intensive legal arguments and have ruled in our favor on a variety of different motions.

The Southfield District Court is presided over by three judges.  Judge Debra Nance, Judge William Richards, and Judge Shelia Johnson share duties at the 46th District Court by judging all criminal misdemeanor cases which take place within Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin, and Southfield Township.  This includes Southfield drunk driving cases, Beverly Hills driving with license suspended, and Franklin possession of marijuana.  Fighting these charges in the Southfield Court is vital to the success of your case.  The 46th District Court Judges can give tough sentences, but they are also fair when given the law to guide their decisions.  The bottom line is you need to consult with a Southfield criminal lawyer if you find yourself charged in the 46th District Court.

At Amberg & Amberg, we are experienced Southfield criminal lawyers.  As criminal misdemeanor attorneys, we know what it takes to win your 46th District Court misdemeanor criminal case.  With innovative motions and defenses, the courage to stand up to tough prosecutors, and the belief in your innocence, we will fight with you to the end.  If you or a family member needs our help, call or email us today.