Michigan Court of Appeals Argument

This is a video of Jim Amberg arguing a resisting arrest and assualt case in the Michigan Court of Appeals.  This case was originally dismissed in the lower court after Jesse Williams won a Motion to dismiss.  The prosecutor appealed, arguing that the lower court exceeded its authority in dismissing the case.  Although passionately argued, the Michigan appeals court ultimately found the lower burden of proof in a challenge to a bindover dismissal motion allowed the case to go forward to trial.

Murder Case Motion Hearing

This is a video of Amberg & Amberg team members Jim Amberg and Jesse Williams arguing a Motion in the high-profile Joni Holbrook murder case.  After Jesse gave a press conference in which he indicated that Joni was a victim of her abusive husband, whom she was alleged to have killed, the prosecutor filed a Motion to prevent the entire Amberglaw team from publically speaking about the case.  Arguing  that both Jesse and Joni had a right to free speech, Jim orated a persuasive argument to the court, in which the prosecutor had no answer.  As seen on the video, Jim made his points and the prosecutor's Motion was denied.  Ultimately, Joni's team of Jim, Jesse, and legendary attorney Dean Robb were able to get a deal on the day of trial in which Joni received six years in prison in exchange for admitting she had killed her abusive State Trooper husband.

Opening Statement

This is an Opening Statement of a trial argued by Jim Amberg.  At the trial, the Defendant was charged with Assault with the Intent to do Great Bodily Harm less than Murder.  Given the situation in which the Defendant had been victimized by her attacker, the defense was self-defense.  The allegations were that the Defendant had repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend both with a knife and a broken bottle.  The prosecutor, a highly-skilled special prosecutor from the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, made very persuasive arguments in favor of guilt on this charge.  Knowing this, Jim provided the jury with a very passionate opening, alerting them to the suffering his client had encurred.  Ultimately, the jury found Jim's client was not guilty of the major assault charge.