Unbelievable Hung Jury on High BAC Superdrunk Driving case

In a case where the client made the news when his car went airborne and completely totaled five brand new Cadillacs for sale at a car dealership in Troy, Amberg & Amberg attorney Jim Amberg was able to secure a hung jury that resulted in a plea offer to a lesser offense by the Oakland County Prosecutor and fines and costs to the client.  In the case, the client was discovered sleeping in his car, which happened to be resting on top of one of the Cadillacs.  His blood was drawn and the result of which was higher than the .17 high bac superdrunk driving threshold.  During the trial, which was held at the 52-4 District Court, Jim repeatedly slammed the offficers for their failure to keep with proper procedure.  After an intense cross examination of the State's forensic scientist expert, some of the members of the jury were not convinced of guilt and a mistrial was declared.