Not Guilty, .15 Blood Alcohol Drunk Driving

In an intense Operating While Intoxicated case, Jim Amberg, received a Not Guilty verdict to all charges in a situation where his client was stopped by a State Trooper for driving up I-75 without his headlights on.  The client then admitted to drinking, failed all of the sobriety tests, and ultimately blew a .15 on the Datamaster DMT machine.  At the trial, Jim was able to get the State Prosecutor to concede that the breath test did not comply with the breath testing administrative rules.  The Prosecutor then agreed to suppress the score of the test.  Next, Jim aggressively cross-examined the State Trooper and discovered that the Trooper was not as well versed in the standardized field sobriety tests as she thought.  The jury came back and found Jim's client NOT GUILTY!