Oakland County Concealed Weapon Felonies Dismissed

In a case where the client's prior lawyer's ineffective assistance of counsel nearly derailed the case, Jim Amberg was able to salvage the situation in a very difficult case and convince an Oakland County Circuit Court Judge that the stop of the client by the Michigan State Police was illegal.  In the case, the client was accused of possessing a modified tec-9 pistol, a large amount of cash, as well as some marijuana.  The client did not have a concealed weapon license.  After taking the case over from an attorney who talked a big game to the client, only to place him in a position where additional charges were filed due to his inability to understand how to conduct a preliminary examination, Jim was able to get the weapon alteration charge quashed and the remaining concealed weapon and drug charges dismissed.  The Court found Jim's argument that the Trooper's understanding of the improper turn statute was wrong and thus the stop itself was unlawful.