Not Guilty Felony Firearm & Felonious Assault

In a trial where his client's freedom depended on the outcome, Jim Amberg secured a verdict of not guilty in a felony firearm and felonious assault case.  The case consisted of Jim's client defending himself and his property against a number of ex-friends who decided to pay the client a visit looking for some things of the complainant.  Although there were allegations that Jim's client pointed a gun at the complainant, Jim was able to prove not only that his client was innocent, but that he had every right to stand his ground and defend himself.  Any time a felony firearm charge is brought the stakes are extremely high, as a conviction means an automatic two year prison sentence.  In the case, the prosecutor's office refused to offer any deal less than a felony, something Jim and his client were not willing to take. 

After three days of trial, the crowd in the court burst in joy and tears of happiness when the verdict was read as Jim's client's life was saved.  Needless to say, Jim's client is extremely happy that justice prevailed.