Federal Oxycontin Conspiracy Charge Dismissed

In a hotly contested Federal Oxycontin narcotics conspiracy charge, Jim Amberg was able to secure a dismissal for his client on the final day before the beginning of trial.  Jim's client was facing charges that included the allegations of distribution of over 10,000 Oxycontin pills throughout the United States which if convicted, could land him in prison for up to 30 years.  The client's prior attorney advised the client to take a plea to roughly 12 years in prison.  However, after realizing that would be the end of his life, the client hired Jim. 

Jim aggressively prepared for the trial and indicated to the US Attorney that they were not going to accept and deals and that they wanted a jury trial.  Meanwhile, every other conspirator charged plead guilty, all of which are going to receive lengthy prison sentences.  This led to the day before the beginning of the trial, where the Government filed a motion seeking to dismiss the case against Jim's client due to lack of evidence.

As you could imagine, Jim's client and his family was brought to tears of joy.  The client now has a second chance at life, and he is planning on making the most of it.