Attempted Murder pled to Misdemeanor, No Probation, No Fines

In a hard fought case, Amberg & Amberg, PLLC attorney Jim Amberg negotiated a no-contest plea to a misdemeanor aggravated assault from a case first written as an attempted murder.  In the case, Mr. Amberg's client admittedly stabbed a gentleman during an altercation on the street outside of a bar.  It was Mr. Amberg's contention that his client acted in self defense as the purported victim had ran up to and attacked the client after the client attempted to retreat.  Although the only offer was to a felony, after Mr. Amberg attacked the people's witnesses at the preliminary examination, the misdemeanor offer was eventually made.

As part of the offer, the client pled no-contest to a misdemeanor and received as part of the deal a waiver of any type of probation and a waiver of fines and costs.