Medical Marijuana Entrapment Victory

After a grueling two year long case, where the defendants in a marijuana narcotics conspiracy case in Oakland County brought by the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office Drug Unit were accused of running an illegal marijuana dispensary, Jim Amberg was able to convince the Court that his clients were entrapped by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team, otherwise known as the NET team. 

In the case, Jim's clients were accused of selling marijuana to an undercover officer on multiple occasions out of the marijuana collective where they worked.  The undercover officer had forged all of his medical paperwork and appeared for all intensive purposes to be a legitimate medical marijuana patient.  After being bounced around from attorney to attorney, who repeatedly told the clients they didn't have any chance of winning and should plead guilty to felony drug charges, the clients retained Jim.  Jim filed numerous motions including a Section 8 Medical Marijuana Motion and Entrapment Motion.  Comparing his clients cases to that of a pharmacist who didn't know a prescription was forged, Jim successfully cross-examined the officer and the Court then held that his clients, as well as the entire rest of the defendants in the conspiracy, were victims of the NET team's entrapment, and because of this, the case was dismissed.

Needless to say, Jim's clients are ecstatic as they almost pled to deals that would have subjected them to possible prison and a lifetime of having a felony record.