In Michigan, Felonies generally are charges which can result in prison time.  Felonies are the most serious State Court charges one can face, and proper legal strategy and representation can result in a significant difference in the outcome of the case.  Whether it is murder, embezzlement, or distribution of narcotics, any Felony charge must be treated with extreme care.  As Oakland County Felony lawyers, we know how to treat each case individually to give you the best chance of success.


With many Felony cases, charges are not filed until days, months, or even years after the alleged incident occurs.  This time period may be vital to the pursuit of a positive outcome to the case.  For example, during this time, the detectives are likely investigating the case.  Because of this, they may very well be attempting to contact you regarding the case.  Many times, the detectives will be able to get their suspects to give incriminating statements before they speak to an attorney.  Protecting you from this is a vital part of your representation at this point.

Additionally, during the pre-charge phase of the case, there is evidence which must be preserved prior to its destruction.  This may include blood tests, police video, and securing potential witness statements.  If you are a suspect in an alleged crime, you need to immediately take charge of your case by taking advantage of this time to secure all available evidence which will aid in your defense.


A Felony charge is initiated when a prosecutor or police officer swears to a complaint before a District Court Judge or Magistrate.  At this point, the court will issue an arrest warrant requiring the Defendant to appear for arraignment.  At this stage of the process, we will immediately take you into court to be arraigned on the charges.  This avoids the terrifying experience of being arrested by the fugitive apprehension team and taken into court in handcuffs.


In all Felony cases in Michigan, the Defendant is entitled to a preliminary examination.  This hearing takes place in the District Court and the purpose is for the District Court Judge to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and the Defendant committed it.  We use this hearing to gather evidence, file motions, and lock the People’s witnesses into their stories.


Felony cases in Michigan ultimately take place in the Circuit Court.  At this stage, the majority of motions in the case are filed.  This is also where any potential plea deal will take place.  In the event a plea cannot be reached, trial will take place.  A Felony trial in Michigan consists of a jury of 12 people who will decide the Defendant’s fate.  Trial strategy and execution of that strategy are vitally important to a successful outcome.

At Amberg & Amberg, we routinely handle the most difficult Felony cases, with repeatedly excellent results.   If you need our help, call us or email us today.  Our attorneys believe in what they do and they believe in your innocence.  We are industry recognized leaders in criminal representation and we fight to win.