Drunk Driving Defense

There is a common misconception amongst both attorneys and the public  that drunk driving cases are unwinnable.  This could be farther from  the truth.  We have won many drunk driving jury trials, had cases dismissed on technicalities,  and had prosecutors drop OWI misdemeanors to civil infractions on  “unwinnable” drunk driving cases.  The bottom line is that we handle everything from Murder to Major Drug Conspiracy cases, and yet we  feel that the drunk driving case is the most complex to handle.  Our firm is routinely sought by other lawyers to conduct jury trials for their cases.  And our results speak for themselves.

Whether you have a drunk driving case in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, or Washtenaw Counties, we are ready to handle your case.  Hiring the right lawyer in your drunk driving case does make a major difference.  There are many attorneys in these counties who claim to be drunk driving lawyers, yet almost all of them have never even conducted an OWI jury trial before. 

At Amberg & Amberg, we take drinking and driving cases to trial all of the time.  If you need our help, call us or email us today.   Our attorneys believe in what they do and they believe in your  innocence.  We are industry recognized leaders in criminal  representation and we fight to win.