Drunk Driving Felony

A Felony drinking and driving charge in Michigan is a serious offense which carries with it mandatory jail time and possible prison time.  At Amberg & Amberg, we treat a Felony drunk driving charge as if it was a murder case.


By far the most common charge is OWI 3rd Offense resulting from having two prior drunk driving or impaired driving convictions at any time in your life.  There are other drinking and driving felonies such as Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated Causing Death.


When dealing with a Felony alcohol related driving offense, you must fight the charges using a complex strategy.  Simply showing up to court and rolling with the punches will not work in these types of cases and unfortunately, too many people find themselves fighting a losing battle when there is a lack of strategy in representation. 

When we take a Michigan Felony drunk driving case, we immediately begin the process of taking control of the case.  For example, we will, through the Freedom of Information Act, gather most of the discovery prior to meeting with the prosecutor for the first time.  Next, we argue motions in the district court prior to the holding of the preliminary examination in order to get certain types of evidence suppressed.  Then at the preliminary exam, we will lock the police and Michigan state toxicologists into their stories, so they cannot change their tale later at trial.

If the case moves to the Circuit Court, we then will file numerous motions to try and limit the prosecutor’s ability to introduce certain types of evidence.  For example, we routinely file motions which prohibit the use of field sobriety tests because they are improperly performed and scientifically not relevant.


We have tried many different types of Felony drunk driving cases, including Drunk Driving Causing Death charges.  The key to any drunk driving defense at trial is to have a deep understanding of the methods and practices of the police in a drunk driving arrest.  Further, defense expert witnesses are vital to most drunk driving trials.  Finally, as with all of our trials, a cohesive plan of an understandable defense explained to the jury is vital to winning.

At Amberg & Amberg, we take drinking and driving cases to trial all of the time.  If you need our help, call us or email us today.   Our attorneys believe in what they do and they believe in your  innocence.  We are industry recognized leaders in criminal  representation and we fight to win.