License Restoration

According to Michigan law, your driver license can be revoked between one to five years.  MCL 257.303 lists the different ways that your license may be revoked. This list of possibilities includes multiple drunk driving charges within seven years, multiple reckless driving charges, and vehicular manslaughter.  However, in our practice, by far the most common license revocation is the result of multiple drunk driving convictions.  Prior to beginning the process of getting back your license, we must first determine whether you are eligible per the revocation period.


The first step in the process of obtaining your driver license is to obtain a substance abuse evaluation from a certified substance abuse counselor.  Being experienced driver license restoration attorneys, we have numerous counselors that we recommend to our clients to take care of this step.  The purpose of this evaluation is to determine what, if any, substance abuse issues you currently have. 


As you prepare to obtain your substance abuse evaluation, we will provide to the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) the required paperwork to sign you up for your hearing.  The reason why we do this is to ensure a quick hearing when you’ve collected all of the necessary documents and other evidence for the hearing.


Of major importance during the license restoration hearing is the hearing officer’s determination of whether you pose a continuing risk of dangerous driving due to substance abuse.  One method of combating this is to provide the hearing officer with evidence of your sobriety.  This is actually a requirement of the DAAD and we normally recommend you provide us with six letters from people close to you in your life who could testify as to your sobriety, if need be.


Having handled many license restoration hearings, we understand that the DAAD hearing officer will want to hear as much evidence of your sobriety that is available.  For example, we try to bring together evidence which shows your prior substance abuse treatment, such as AA and counseling.  We then put everything together and present it to the officer.


Because the burden is on us to prove you deserve your license back, we treat the hearing as if it was a major murder jury trial.  At the end of the day, we use our tried and true Amberg & Amberg tactics and because of this, we have a high success rate of license restoration during the first attempt.  If you are interested in having the attorneys of Amberg & Amberg represent you during your license restoration hearing, give us a call today.