52-2 District Court

Located in Clarkston MI, the 52-2 District Court is the criminal misdemeanor court for Clarkston, Ortonville, Holly, Davisburg, Rose Township, White Lake, Brandon Township, Groveland, Springfield Township, and Independence Township.  The Clarkston Court is responsible for dealing with all misdemeanor criminal cases which arise in these jurisdictions, including drunk driving, possession of marijuana, owi, domestic assault, dui, driving without a license, impaired driving, and many others.  As experienced 52-2 criminal attorneys, we have handled many cases within the walls of the Clarkston District Court.

In fact, Amberg & Amberg lawyer Jim Amberg recently received what is believed to be the highest blood alcohol drunk driving case where the client was found not guilty.  This result was a .22 bac not guilty before Judge Fabrizio, in a case that sent shockwaves through the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.

Presided over by Judge Kelley Kostin and Joseph Fabrizio, the 52-2 District Court can be a tough place for a criminal defendant.  However, we have found both Judge Kostin and Judge Fabrizio to be fair and reasonable when it comes to trials, sentencing, motion hearings, and other legal issues.  The importance of successful representation in the 52-2 District Court is to understand and aggressively litigate your client’s case.  As Clarkston criminal lawyers, we understand this and accomplish it every time.

At Amberg & Amberg, we are experienced Independence Township criminal lawyers.  As criminal misdemeanor attorneys who practice in Holly, we know what it takes to win your 52-2 District Court misdemeanor criminal case.  With innovative motions and defenses, the courage to stand up to tough prosecutors, and the belief in your innocence, we will fight with you to the end.  If you or a family member needs our help, call or email us today.