45B District Court

Have you been charged with an Oak Park Michigan drunk driving?  If so, your case will take place in the 45B District Court.  Located in Oak Park Michigan, the 45B District Court’s jurisdiction includes Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, and Royal Oak Township.  As experienced Oak Park criminal lawyers, we have handled many different types of misdemeanor cases, including Oak Park drunk driving, possession of marijuana, Pleasant Ridge dui’s, and many other types of misdemeanor criminal cases.

The Oak Park District Court is presided over by Judge Michelle Friedman Appel and Judge David Gubow.  Both judges are in charge of handling all types of misdemeanor crimes like Huntington Woods domestic violence cases and Pleasant Ridge possession of marijuana charges.  Because we are experienced 45B criminal attorneys, we know that both Judge Friedman Appel and Judge Gubow are both fair and reasonable when dealing with misdemeanor crimes.  They appreciate innovative motions and are very knowledgeable about the state of the law.

That all being said however, facing a drunk driving in Oak Park is a very difficult thing, even if it is your first offense.  As with all district courts in Michigan, jail and probation are always possibilities for nearly every type of misdemeanor charge.  You need to speak with an experienced Huntington Woods and Oak Park criminal lawyer today.

At Amberg & Amberg, we are experienced Pleasant Ridge criminal lawyers.  As criminal misdemeanor attorneys, we know what it takes to win your 45B District Court misdemeanor criminal case.  With innovative motions and defenses, the courage to stand up to tough prosecutors, and the belief in your innocence, we will fight with you to the end.  If you or a family member needs our help, call or email us today.