14A District Court

Located in Washtenaw County Michigan, the 14A District Court handles misdemeanor cases for the many cities, villages, and townships of Washtenaw County. As 14A criminal lawyer, we have fought many hard battles in the 14A District Courts for our clients accused of misdemeanor violations.

The 14A District Court has numerous locations and has three Judges who preside over all misdemeanor criminal cases which arise in Washtenaw County which do not take place in the City of Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti Township.


Located in the newly built Washtenaw County Service Center, the 14A-1 District Court presides over the Townships of Ann Arbor, Augusta, Pittsfield, Salem, and Superior, as well as the Village of Barton Hills.  As 14A-1 criminal attorneys, we have fought many battles in this court.


Located in Downtown Ypsilanti, the 14A-2 District Court presides over the City of Ypsilanti, including Eastern Michigan University.  Given its close proximity and jurisdiction over Eastern Michigan University, the 14A-2 District Court handles many drinking and driving and minor in possession of alcohol charges resulting from students of Eastern Michigan University.  As 14A-2 criminal lawyers, we understand how to fight your charges ensuring the best results.  Judge Kirk Tabbey presides over the 14A-2 District Court.


Located in Downtown Chelsea, Michigan, the 14A-3 District Court presides over the City of Chelsea, the Townships of Dexter, Lima, Lyndon, Northfield, Scio, Sylvan and Webster, as well as the Village of Dexter.  As 14A-3 criminal attorneys, we understand the complexities of handling your misdemeanor case.  We employ the same tactics as our major felony and federal cases to reach the best results for you.  Judge Richard Conlin presides over the 14A-3 District Court and is responsible for handling all misdemeanor criminal cases arising from this jurisdiction.


Located in the City of Saline, Michigan, the 14A-4 District Court presides over the Cities of Saline and Milan, the Townships of Bridgewater, Freedom, Lodi, Manchester, Saline, Sharon and York, as well as the Village of Manchester.  Judge Richard Conlin from the 14A-3 District Court and Judge Cedric Simpson of the 14A-1 District Court both share responsibilities in presiding over all misdemeanor criminal cases in the 14A-4 District Court.  As 14A-4 criminal lawyers, we have used cutting edge legal arguments, coupled with our extensive experience, to reach unbelievable results for our clients.

At Amberg & Amberg, we are experienced Washtenaw County 14A District Court criminal lawyers.  As criminal felony attorneys, we know what it takes to win your 14A misdemeanor criminal case.  With innovative motions and defenses, the courage to stand up to tough prosecutors, and the belief in your innocence, we will fight with you to the end.  If you or a family member needs our help, call or email us today.